About Us


Accessory Concierge was started by two moms on a mission to not only bring quality jewelry and accessories at an affordable price to women everywhere, but to also create a company where moms could have a career without sacrificing their home life.   Many of their pieces are handmade in their Dallas Studio/Showroom.

Amy Claro and Amy Coffey met two decades (gasp!) ago while working together in radio sales and kept in touch through the years over countless Tex-Mex dinners and long-life discussions.  One day over tacos and Diet Cokes, the two were discussing how to find that elusive work-life balance as moms (in other words, how do you avoid taking two hours of vacation to attend your son’s Valentines Party). 

It was this discussion that led them to brainstorm how they could actually create their own company – one that would allow them to do carpool, volunteer at school and stay home with a sick kiddo – all the things every working mom wants to do.  And that’s when it clicked…the two saw a significant hole in the market for quality jewelry and accessories that didn’t break the bank.  This was how the idea for Accessory Concierge was born, and the two decided to go for it.  

What started as a Wednesday night Facebook auction , has grown into an international brand as seen in Good Morning America’s Steals & Deals, People Style Watch, US Magazine, Real Simple, Cosmo, Redbook and In Style, to name a few.

 It wasn’t overnight, but the duo built a mini accessory empire through the determination and drive that comes from wanting to provide for your family in every way.   

Claro and Coffey have never forgotten why they set out to pave their own way.  They have made work-life balance the backbone of their company, employing moms who are looking for the same thing they were all those years ago.  Need to leave for carpool? No problem!  Sick kiddo?  Stay home.  It is so important to them to provide that same freedom to other working moms.  

 AC continues to look for ways to give back to the Dallas community, recently entering into a partnership with the Notre Dame School of Dallas. The children of the Notre Dame School range from age 6-21, all with intellectual disabilities.  Accessory Concierge is partnering with the school’s Vocational Job Training program to provide the children the opportunity to process jewelry so that it’s ready to be shipped.