About Us

  Uncover the ultimate jewelry box with Accessory Concierge, a collection that unlocks access to of-the-moment accessories with a unique it factor. Our women owned & operated business has delivered effortless style since 2011 and featured on GMA, The Bachelor, In Style & People just to name a few. 

  In a world inundated with the same jewelry styles caught popping out of collars or dangling in stacks from wrists, co-founders Amy Coffey and Amy Claro thought there had to be another option – the choice to accessorize with an of-the-moment look while preserving a sense of individuality. The duo decided to collaborate to conquer this coveted combination. Accessory Concierge emerged in 2013 as an online destination for trendy and one of a kind accessories. 

  AC continues to look for ways to give back to the Dallas community, entering into a partnership with the Notre Dame School of Dallas. The children of the Notre Dame School range from age 6-21, all with intellectual disabilities. Accessory Concierge is partnering with the school’s Vocational Job Training program to provide the children the opportunity to process jewelry so that it’s ready to be shipped.