Amy Coffey

Posted on October 22 2013

Now that Fall has finally arrived and the days are much cooler, we have rounded up the 5 coats that every woman needs in her arsenal.  Be it classic or a little trendy, you don't want to miss our picks to keep you toasty all season long.

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  • Marta: January 10, 2015

    You should try new look i have my coat from there is black and has a belt and its realy warm or try some where like new look Hope that helps

  • Orlando: December 28, 2014

    its depending on where you live. Here in Canada winetr get extremely cold. I spend a lot of my free time outside so i need an excellent coat(outside meaning skiing and such) that is about 300-400 (i know expensive but what would you rather do: spend a lot of money or get sick and catch a flu?) i’d rather spend money. And for a regualr winetr jacket (not for the extremely cold days and for days just for recess or staying outside a bit will be about 200. It alos depends on where you live and how cold it gets!

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