A change in season means a serious change in your closet.  This closet shift is the perfect time to organize your space and commit (for a while anyways) to keeping it that way.  Follow these 5 tricks to keep a perfectly edited and organized closet.
1.  At the end of each season, go through all your hanging and folded items and take action—donate, alter, sell or purge. If you did not wear it once that season...IT MUST GO! You won't wear it next year either.

2. Use uniformed hangers.  Not only will it save precious space, but it will look nice- and you'll want to keep it that way.

3.  Start the season with all your hangers facing toward you.  When you wear the item and you are ready to hang it back up, face the hanger the other way.  This way at the end of the season you will know what you wore and what just hung there.

4. Have 3 hampers - 1) laundry 2) dry cleaning 3) alter/ donate/ sell/ etc. (if they don't have a specific space they will end up back on the rod). 

5. If you cannot see it, you will not wear it!  Fold items like t-shirts, jeans, and exercise clothes to save room for the things you don't wear as much, and may forget about. 

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