I recently started using Dr. Perricone Blue Plasma, and I am so obsessed it inspired me to share my favorite skin care products!  I have pretty stubborn skin (blemishes, uneven skin tone, super sensitive- you name it, I got it), so I have pretty much tried every product recommended by my Dermatologist, esthetician, and pushy friendly sales associate at the local Neiman Marcus beauty counter.  The one thing that works on my unpredictable skin- chemical peels.  The down side is 1. they are expensive and 2. you are peeling for days! Dr. Perricone's Blue Plasma gives you the result of a chemical peel, without the down time and the peeling... and it really works.  It is pricey ($95 a bottle) but that is less than one chemical peel, and all the reviews say it will last you 6-8 months.  My other skin saver is this Revision black mask.  It's a deep cleansing and purifying mask that leaves your skin perfectly polished and glowing.  The Lumiere Riche Bio-Restorative Eye Balm and the Journee Bio-restorative Day Cream both contain PSP which helps generate skin cell growth.  These products aren't cheap but they work and last forever...  to compensate, I use a reasonably priced face wash and toner (I love Simple foaming face wash and Mario Badescu toner).

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