MONDAY MUSING: JESSICA HART (Accessory concierge)

Posted on August 19 2013

How does Jessica Hart (and that top knot) always look so effortlessly cool?  Even her dog carrier is spot on... Yes, I thought it was a red bowler bag at first too.  Simple stud earrings, like these AC chevron studs, dress up her look just enough.  I could live in this outfit all weekend, and -being a child of the 90s- I am loving the lace up boot trend!
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  • Benzzy: December 28, 2014

    that the old covers tell a bit of the story. I don’t ustnredand this new way of taking the sexiness out of the covers to just add pictures of things that has nothing to do with the story. If I had to choose to read these books based on the new covers I would never pick them up. Thankfully I have already read them all being that I am a huge Megan Hart fan. I read the first book in the 50 shades series and I have definitely read better(just mentioned because so many established erotic romance/fiction authors or publishers are adopting similar covers) from Ms. Hart and others such as Sylvia Day, Emma Holly, etc…I don’t mind in the least if someone sees the cover of my book and it is more like the old cover instead of the new, because I am not ashamed in the least to let anyone know that I love to read erotica amongst other genres.The new covers make me feel like I am trying to hide something.

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