We've had our eye on Taylor Swift while she has been seriously upping her fashion game lately. 
We came across a post on this crop top and pencil skirt she recently wore by Aqua. They have a similar style in a "cabbage rose" pattern on sale now so we HAD to share it with you! 
While Taylor mixed high to low, we stuck with low (because let's face it, a girl's gotta eat!) 
This tote we found is roomy enough to take to work, and stylish enough to take to dinner. 
We opted for a lower heel with our black pump, because we aren't super stars posing for the paparazzi, and Taylor's heels look overly ambitious and ankle-breaking high. 
The only things we think are missing are work blazer and (ahem!) accessories. We think a bracelet and earrings would really make this look top notch day-to-night style. 
Black Pump, ASOS

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