Love all of our pretty jewelry but stumped on how to style multiple pieces? At the AC offices, we think MORE is MORE! As we are gearing up for fall, we are particularly excited about layering our crystal pieces with our favorite boots, jeans, sweaters and sweatshirts. 
The math for piling on gems is simple. Pick a theme (we clearly went crystal) and pick a metal (we chose brass). When layering bracelets, add a color, like our smokey blue cushion cut bracelet, add a basic every day stacker, like our "XO" crystal bracelet, and add a piece that creates an element of intrigue. Here we used our bee hive bracelet. Just a touch of something special catches the eye and makes your wrist stack look unique!
When layering necklaces, just adjust the links on the necklaces so they fall on your neck and look like one funky piece! Here, we used our Crystal Venus Fly Trap to wear as the shorter necklace and to add even more bling to the Ice Garden Party
However you choose to layer, be sure to have fun and be a little daring with your accessories. Otherwise, what's the point of costume jewelry anyway?

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