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    kate peterson: May 20, 2024

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    해외스포츠배팅: April 01, 2024

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    Leandro: January 10, 2015

    them all on the feeds. There r update sites that can give you flbscaahk times to any lie you want hear.It’s been said but bares repeating, yes BB is a game of lies and manipulation but none, and by none I mean zero, zip, not 1 of her lies has been told to advance her game .some have been told to cover up previous lies but never has one of those lies been motivated by game strategy. If another HG is complaining about something or whining, Dani’s favorite phrase, as soon as they take a breath, is YOU, what about ME and then go on to talk about something completely off subject. I have never seen a person ask How did I look when I .fill in the blank so many times in my life. i have never seen someone check themselves in the mirror so many times, and I have seen someone twist something that was said to her so much almost no truth is left when she is done retelling whatever whoever said or did.My fav. example of her lies was a couple/3 weeks ago she, Shane and Joe were talking on the BY couch ..not sure how it came up but joe and or shane were talking about her being a kindergarten teacher (and the lies she’s told about that fake job are enormous .she even works with a gay teacher, she tells jokes that her students parent’s’ have told her) .anyway, joe went in and dani told shane not to bring up the teacher thing but i couldn’t hear why, shane asked her some questions about being a nurse and in the span of no more then five minutes this what she said to him I am paraphrasing here but i flbscaahked twice at the time because I could not believe these things came out of her mouth. basically she said ..She is an RN charge nurse AND a trauma nurse that works in a rehab center with geriatric patients and the worst thing she ever saw as a trauma nurse was , after shane asked her , and I quote Oh my goodness, so many things ummmm ummm. I saw a lady once with a potato up her vagina and it was sprouting I am not a nurse but consulted with one on this nonsense andthere are so many lies in just what she said there, my friend laughed and said where do I begin. but a few things ..trauma nurse would say a potato up a vag was the worst thing they ever saw, charge nurse .even RN’s are not 23 ..unless u r Dooglina Howser rehab’s and geriatric center’s are not trauma centers and it is not possible that she be this person because no such person could exist.I have said since early in the season she needs help, and I sincerly hope someone that loves gets her ASAP when she gets out, and gets her help and does not let her google herself. And one last thing if these sources had not been anonymous, people would have said they were just trying to get their 15 minutes ..if I was a friend or ex friend of dani’s I would have stayed anonymous too .I am not sure what she is capable of (she did threaten dan by telling him her dad would kick his ass) except what I saw in the house .and the lies she told about other people were amazing to watch .she managed to get a few evicted with her lies (sort of) .the problem was her goal was never eviction to further her game, her was motivation was jealousy, pure and simple. if it was to further her game, none of the lies were needed ..jani , for ex., was enough of a threat, she didn’t need much more and btw jani went home because dan and boogie decided to send her and then dan told her what to do dani wanted jani out from the second she won HOH, but dan wasn’t going for it so she wasn’t going to do it went back and forth a few times and everytime she did what dan said ..her lies might have gotten people evicted but only because it also benefitted dan’s game.Oh one more last thing .the fact that she continues to do what dan tell’s her to do is so telling about how needy and attention craving she is after the stunts he pulled on her, no sane woman with an ounce of self esteem would be still listening to him for God’s sake, an hour after he evicted shane, she threw him the 1st part of the HOH comp. nuff saidwatching dani’s lies is difficult to avoid if you watch the feeds and want to see the game being played .she is or was on camera constantly because she was always with dan and he was running the house for the most part .or she was with shane and BB wanted a showmance. or she was with brit who got a lot of camera time .again, i sincerely hope she gets the help she needs, she does seem sweet sometimes and is obviously a smart girl, in some ways .but there is a real mess going on there and i’ve never seen anything quite like it on BB not worse or better, just never this.

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    Fabiana: December 28, 2014

    Maddy usually statrs out eating her sandwiches whole and then as the meal progresses they tend to fall apart and then she just eats the various parts. Maddy does better with lettuce on sandwiches than actual salads, but she gets a salad with her dinner every time Luke and I have one with dinner. Hopefully the repetition pays off eventually but lettuce is hard to chew so I’m not holding my breath for now.

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