How insane is this Pink Flamenco necklace ?  Everyone form the check out guy at Whole Foods to my mother in law has stopped me clear in my tracks to find out where it is from. It looks great with a striped tee or a head to toe white look, but I really love it with this hot pink blazer for an extra punch. Trust me- you really need this necklace.
     get the look
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    • Noha says...

      this girl is one of the worst human beings to come into coantct with. Shes a liar, and her imaginary life seems to have taken a turn for the worst when she became a model . Does no one remember her like three years ago? hollister wearing tan turd always hiding that hideous gap? atleast now she embraces it. she was once my friend, until she literally stole clothes from my closet and wore them in her recent home photo shoots. does no one notice 99.9 percent of her pictures are her by herself? yikes.. shes a whore

      January 10, 2015

    • Kamil says...

      I found your blog while browing on the gogloe. Your artwork is really great. You deserve the compliments. Keep on posting the new design ideas and share your uniqueness with the people like me.imran

      December 28, 2014

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