I don't necessarily believe in "New Years Resolutions."  I do love the feel of a fresh year, like anything is possible, and I do believe in taking advantage of that. Instead of focusing on one thing and placing all my success in one proverbial healthier/better me basket... I just try to take baby steps in being a happier and healthier person.  Here are some things that make be feel better, and my favorite products to help me along in the 364 days. 

1. Eat Healtier- When trying to be healthier, it can be tricky trying to navigate a new diet of salads and chia seeds. I received Giada's Feel Good Food for Christmas, and I love it. Not only does it have healthy (not diet) recipes that you can actually make with ingredients you have in your pantry, but it has some great tips on being overall healthy. In Grain Brain Dr. David Pelmutter, a neurologist, talks about the negative effects that carbs (even good ones!) have on our brain function and steps to phasing them out of or diet.

2. Hit the Gym- I don’t know about you, but I get much more excited to get out of bed for an early morning Pilates class if I have something cute to wear. This Athleta zippy jacket and this Athleta relay tight should do the trick on a chilly winter day.

3. Take a Trip- If you say so Jonathan Adler.

4. Beauty Rest- You’ll be jumping into bed just to get under this adorable Mary Green sleep mask and into your Marigot pajama set.

5. Save Money-  My husband and I are planning a trip to Europe this summer, which means I have to put some money aside now versus scooping up that Isabel Marant sweater that finally went on sale. So what is the answer to making your old wardrobe new again on a budget? This AC Crystal necklace. At $45 it will breathe new life into that LBD from a few years or dress up and old sweater for less than a trip to the nail salon.


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